mic harrison tour poster

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Same format as a couple of his last posters with a new image. I love that font. I have to be careful or I’ll use it for everything.



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New flyer goodness. I just finished this poster for Mic Harrison and the High Score. They’re gonna be the backing back for Roger Alan wade for a couple of festivals coming up. Riverbend, and Bonnaroo.

I had fun with this, I got a little crazy with taking pictures and scanning things to create texture layers…but I love transforming a real object into a texture for a digital object (can digital be called an object?)

I think using images from real life really helps me resolve my issues of not wanting everything to be digitally created.
I’m a hands on kinda gal, and it bugs me to use a fake texture when the real thing just feels better.
So, I’ve started to get a pretty good collection of textures together, photographs I’ve taken, scanned images of wrinkled/creased paper, ect.
But enough of my dork ramblin’.

old(ish) crosspost

So, I posted this on my old myspace blog the otherday (http://www.myspace.com/annierankin)
But since I’m trying to get this new blog off the ground, and really let it become a log of my art/craft whatnots I thought I’d just cut and paste it. so here ya go

So, I made a couple of new flyers/fliers/gigposterfor Mic Harrison and the High Score the other day. I’m pretty stoked about ’em.
There’s something I love about the process of layering and transforming images from one thing to another. Even if it’s only slightly changed. Coffee table-photo of coffee table-close up of wood grain on coffee table-adjusted contrast of woodgrain on coffee table=background for flier. Or taking a photograph, printing it out, drawing/painting on it, scanning it and altering it further from there. Fun stuff (for a nerd).


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So, one of my favorite things to do is make show flyers/flier/gigposters/whateveryouwannacallthem

This is one of my more recent fliers for the High Score and The Invisible Giants…they’re all great musicians, and just fun guys to be around.

Check out my flickr for more photos of the bands and gigposters http://www.flickr.com/annierankin

or the myspace of the high score for some awesome music http://www.myspace.com/thehighscore

or the myspace of the invisible giants for even more music http://www.myspace.com/theinvisiblegiants