old(ish) crosspost

So, I posted this on my old myspace blog the otherday (http://www.myspace.com/annierankin)
But since I’m trying to get this new blog off the ground, and really let it become a log of my art/craft whatnots I thought I’d just cut and paste it. so here ya go

So, I made a couple of new flyers/fliers/gigposterfor Mic Harrison and the High Score the other day. I’m pretty stoked about ’em.
There’s something I love about the process of layering and transforming images from one thing to another. Even if it’s only slightly changed. Coffee table-photo of coffee table-close up of wood grain on coffee table-adjusted contrast of woodgrain on coffee table=background for flier. Or taking a photograph, printing it out, drawing/painting on it, scanning it and altering it further from there. Fun stuff (for a nerd).


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