Originally uploaded by Annie Clark-Rankin

New flyer goodness. I just finished this poster for Mic Harrison and the High Score. They’re gonna be the backing back for Roger Alan wade for a couple of festivals coming up. Riverbend, and Bonnaroo.

I had fun with this, I got a little crazy with taking pictures and scanning things to create texture layers…but I love transforming a real object into a texture for a digital object (can digital be called an object?)

I think using images from real life really helps me resolve my issues of not wanting everything to be digitally created.
I’m a hands on kinda gal, and it bugs me to use a fake texture when the real thing just feels better.
So, I’ve started to get a pretty good collection of textures together, photographs I’ve taken, scanned images of wrinkled/creased paper, ect.
But enough of my dork ramblin’.


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