Website Fun

I’ve been re-designing the High Score’s website lately. I’m really new to the whole process of web design, but it’s totally been a learning experience and a lot of fun.
For the background/foundation of the website I basically set up a mini installation in my living room and took photos.
round5 of changes for the High Score's website.
This kind of thing is why I chose sculpture as my major in college. I love creating little environments. Choosing objects that relate to the story I’m trying to tell. With this particular project there really weren’t any created objects(with the exception of the screen-printed koozie). I used objects that I had around the house, but objects that related to the High Score. I guess you could argue that it’s simply a staged photo versus an installation. But I think it just depends on where you’re coming from, and I prefer mini-installation. Maybe it’s because I think of myself more of an installation artist than a photographer…but anyway.
Then I used those photos from my little scene to plug into the website. I also added labels from my old school dymo embosser label maker to create the links versus just using a font for the page. Actually, I think the only use of fonts and non-tangible objects for the website are the tour dates. Because they needed to be something that could be updated quickly and easily by anyone updating the site.


I also changed up the view of the reviews of the band. I used images of the band, or images of their instruments to then layer the text from the reviews. Just to make it a little bit more interesting.


So check it out-


Mic Harrison sept 24th 2009 mini weekend tour poster #1

Mic Harrison sept 24th 2009 mini weekend tour poster #1
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Oh man, Mic Harrison and the High Score have kind of a mini-weekend tour coming up, 3 dates in 3 days. So I used the same format for all the flyers. Fun stuff, I got the images from an old textbook about sound and music.