December Already?

Man, I’m still dealing with the end of summer, it went by too fast! And then of a sudden I go into the store and Christmas music is playing, and it’s the middle of November. Sheesh, I sound like an old lady, but I don’t know where the time went.

But anyway, The High Score are going to play a show with Slobberbone, December 4th at Barleys. Sooooo, I made them a nifty little flyer.

High Score dec4th2009

I kept having issues with using food for a band named “slobberbone”…but it was fun. And it totally made me ready to decorate my house, I think I’m going full blown kitsch this year….but anyway. Come to this show, it’ll be fun.



Here’s a (half)-new blank tour poster for The High Score. I’m gonna do some real screen-printing of this vs. only digital. I’ll post the real “in your hands” version later.