Oh hey, fancy meeting you here.
Remember a while back I posted that digital version of a High Score blank flyer with the space guy?
Well I finally got around to really printing it, I’m pretty stoked about it.


I made it into a shirt too

I posted some more pictures of the process of printing them on my Flickr

By the way, if you haven’t heard the High Score’s music you really really should. I guess their Myspace Page is the best place to listen to some of their songs. Or you could just buy them on itunes,CD baby, Amazon OR even better, if you’re local go to Disc Exchange in good ol’ South Knoxville and buy one to hold in yer hands. The Disc Exchange is an amazing store, and if you’re ever around Knoxville go check it out.
(oh my, I’m posting links all over the place….)

More Links!!!

The High Score: The High Score

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