St. Patty’s Day Poster

Oh man, St. Patty’s Day is coming up!
St. Patty’s Day always seems to be a big deal here in Knoxville, I think it’s the combination of Scots-Irish (or Scotch-Irish, whatever tickles yer pickle) folk from the Smokey mountains mixed with people who just love to drink.

Anyway, for the past couple of years I’ve screen-printed posters for Cutthroat Shamrock for their St. Patty’s Day show. Ben draws them (as he does with all of their posters), I just screen -em.
But this year Ben wanted to come over and print them himself, so he did the first color and I did the second (teamwork! heck yes!)

Here’s a couple of pics from the process




The posters will be for sale at the St. Patty’s day show at the Valarium, they’re playing with The High Score (yay!) and Big Country’s Empty Bottle (who, I don’t really know anything about, but I’m sure it’ll be fun).
More info on the show check out the The Valarium’s website
Or Cutthroat Shamrock Facebook

Or The High Score’s website The High Score Website

Oh, and I posted a couple more process pics on my Flickr site
Go! Have fun!



I love koozies, I love to print them, collect them, and I especially love to forget and leave mine at home so I never have one with me… But anway, I printed some koozies up that  Cari-Ann designed so she could  give them away while she had a tattoo booth at the Easy Rider Motorcycle rally this last weekend.  Fun stuff. Here they are. IMG_9301  IMG_9304 IMG_9299

I also posted some pics from Mic Harrison and The High Score on my flickr. They happened to be playing at the same rally, good stuff. check ’em out. #AnnieTUFF’s Flickr Site#