Website a go go

I’ve been working on the new website for Mic Harrison (pssst check it out
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
I did a lot of scanning to get the textures and images I wanted the for website. Things like old paper, photographs, and photo album pages.

There’s just something about using real objects and then going thru so many slight transformations to them to get what I want that’s really, really nice.
I might sound like a broken record about that, but its true.
I’m gonna give a kind of step by step example in case what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense. And because it’s fairly late and I can’t sleep.

So, check out this banner I made for the website.
Mic Harrison website banner
The deer silhouettes are from a 1970’s hunter handbook that I found at my grandmothers house, and then took a photograph of it.
The woodgrain is from a photograph of my coffee table.
And the added texture and rips is an aged piece of paper (from an old school book, I think) that I scanned.
So I took all those elements, tweaked them a little bit and put them together to make this lovely banner.

anyway, check out the website. It still needs a little tweaking here and there. But for the most part it’s done.


Heck yes.

Hey there.
It’s almost time for Mic Harrison and The High Score’s CD release show!
I’m so stoked about this new album, it’s my favorite one from the fellers so far!
AND Robbie recorded the whole album in his basement, DIY or die. heck yes.

I was able to hang out during a couple of days of recording, and I took a ton of pictures. During the 2 days of recording photos and 2 days of band practice, I chose almost a thousand pics to make this lil’ ol’ video for youtube. so check it out!