I finished the new video for Mic Harrison and The High Score


I’m a horrible blogger

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything here….but I’ve been super busy (and I’ll post a prettier post about that later, with pictures and everything)
but for now.

read this.
Brad From the Road
It’s a blog written by Brad Henderson (the drummer for Mic Harrison and The High Score). He’s been keeping track of the fellers shows for years, but in the last couple of months we started up a blog on Mic’s band website. Check it out, I love the way he writes.

Also, look at this
Halloween at The Pilot Light
Halloween Pics from the Pilot Light in Knoxville. If you dont know about it, the Pilot Light is a great little club in Knoxville that has been around for years. And every Halloween they host a benefit show where local bands dress up as other bands and perform covers. I caught the Clash and the Plasmatics.

Good ol’ Knoxville TN.

OH! and I’m working on a new video for Mic Harrison and The High Score, but it’s not done yet. So, for now look at this.
Mic Harrison Official Youtube Channel

OH! OH! One more thing, my sister is a tattoo artist, an awesome tattoo artist. They’re getting a facebook fanpage together, so if you’re on facebook check it out. 

Uh, quick edit here, I was going thru old posts (it’s now 2012) and this post mentioned the old place she used to work, so now it’s easier to just find her fan page so here’s the new changed the linky dinky dooo  Cariann Dangit