VHS is purdy

Oh man, I’ve recently been lusting after an HD video camera. I borrowed one from school to work on a project (actually it was for this Mic Harrison video), and it was pretty amazing to use.

But then I got to work on Mic Harrison and The High Score’s video for their cover of “Highwayman”, and it really reminded me how lovely VHS can be (lo-fi to the max).  The video uses footage that the band recorded while traveling around playing shows in 2007.  It was really fun to watch all the footage they had recorded(mostly Vance “The Exotic Hillbilly” Hillard), and I’m happy with how it turned out.

So, check it out.
ps. my most very favorite part of the video is the little tape fuzz at the very beginning with the “Mic Harrison and The High Score” on the screen. Oh, and the 1st chorus.

by the way, you can download their cover for free! on their website: http://www.micharrison.com/Download.html

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