Good Golly!

A TON of amazing stuff has been going on.  I’ll post a more detailed post later, but this my mini catch-up post.
First of all, new CD layout for the V-Roys!
 (The track listing is Mic Harrison’s handwriting)
I was really fortunate to be able to work on this project, the liner notes have a ton of great old photos that were really fun to go thru. (I won’t post those, you’ll have to buy the CD to check them out…or look on the facebook for the V-Roys).
By the way, the cover photo was taken by the wonderful and talented Morris Brady, a super nice guy and great photographer.
ALSO, I’ve printed some new merch for the Kevin Abernathy band, Kevin came up with a killer logo.  Annnnd I thought I had a pic of finished merch on my computer, but I guess I’ll have to add that tomorrow.
Kevin is about to have a CD release for his newest CD “Scrap Metal Blues”  check out his website/facebook for more info on that.
AND I have some more exciting news, but I don’t wanna jinx myself so I’m gonna wait a day or two before I post about that.

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