Metro 20Fest


Metro 20Fest, a set on Flickr.

Some of the pics from Metro 20Fest this month in Knoxville…more on this later.


Feel Bad For You

If you haven’t already heard about the Feel Bad For You monthly mixtape then this is your lucky day!

Basically it’s a monthly random mixtape made from bloggers, tweeters, and who knows, you might find something new you really like.

Oh, and there’s a version of the mixtape on Spotify too, just look in the comments on the FBFY post.

Get to it.



I started a Vimeo account a while back to keep track of some of the video’s I’ve made, especially since any of the videos I’ve made for Mic Harrison I directly upload to his youtube channel vs. my own.  (that’s not a complaint by the way, it’s just better to have 1 version on youtube vs the official channel and my own, better stats, blah blah blah,)  (here’s that linky linky to his channel: )

But anyway, I started a video class this summer at UT and I put up my first assignment from that up as well.  So, check it out…or not.

here’s my link