Hey, I made a little ol’ poster for CXCW…ya know that thing I wrote about here

There’s more awesome posters on the download site, check it out.

I made this poster with a photo I took of my sisters couch…in her yard.  I used my super sweet lomo fisheye1 camera (I really, really,  love that camera)


(oh, and by the way, you can download this on the CXCW download page)



Day late and a dollar short…


But the Feb FBFY is up, go check it out.


I’m somewhat sporadic about posting about FBFY (FEEL BAD FOR YOU) on this blog, because I know the 2 people who read this know about it (hi, mom).  But here’s a reminder to check it out again.

By the way, what is FBFY you might ask?  Well friendo, it’s a monthly mixtape.  Made by a mixture of bloggers, musicians, tweetly deeters, and miscreants.  Any song, any genre, any year (although every now and then we throw out a theme month).  Every month.  It’s great, and you should check it out.  Really, go back through the archives and listen to the great songs.  I’ve discovered a lot of great bands thru FBFY, PLUS you can read my incoherent rambling about my song choices every month.