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I knocked out a couple of flyers for the fine fellers Mic Harrison and The High Score 

(pssst I try to archive most of the flyers I’ve made over at flickr)




Hey, I made a little ol’ poster for CXCW…ya know that thing I wrote about here

There’s more awesome posters on the download site, check it out.

I made this poster with a photo I took of my sisters couch…in her yard.  I used my super sweet lomo fisheye1 camera (I really, really,  love that camera)


(oh, and by the way, you can download this on the CXCW download page)


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Holiday!, a set on Flickr.

So, I was going thru some of my old flyers and such and I realized I had a few Holiday/Christmas themed flyers…and I might as well dust them off and bring them out like the Christmas decorations that they can be (YAY A THEME!)

All but one of these are for Mic Harrison and The High Score .

The one with the snow globes is for a Christmas split they did a couple of years ago and I actually made a super lo-fi video to go along with those songs as well…here ya go.

Side A

Mic Harrison- Christmas Time At The Dixie Lounge

Side B

The High Score- Merry Christmas To You

Then there’s the holiday theme Highwaymen cover, that was for the Mic Harrison and the High Score cover of The Highwayman…and I happen to have a video for that one too.  This video was made from some great hi-8 footage the band shot when they were touring around Texas and I edited it together.

Anyway, Happy Holidays!

Make stuff!

it’s almost time for a Great Commotion

Mic Harrison and The High Score have recorded a new album, and I’m stoked to be doing the artwork for it!

I love those guys, and if you haven’t checked out their music you should.  This new album is gonna be awesome.  I’ll be sure to post youtube links and such when it come out.

Being the touring machines that they are Mic Harrison and The High Score have a ton of show dates coming up.  I’ve been working on some new flyers.  Here’s a few…

annietuff flyer

annieTUFF flyer

mic 21st of june