Mic Harrison and The High Score “Anytime You’re Ready”


I just finished working on an amazing project for my favorite fellers Mic Harrison and The High Score.  They just put out their very first vinyl in celebration of their 10 year anniversary as a band!  10 years!  WHOA!

The record has 2 songs, “Anytime You’re Ready” and “Broken Hearted In A Single Wide” both inspired by the great Con Hunley, who was wonderful enough to sing on the track “Anytime You’re Ready”.

I’m really excited about this project, and how it turned out.  YOU SHOULD BUY THIS.  I mean, pretty please.  These guys are some of the best musicians I know, the nicest guys, and they all work their asses off for their music, while working day jobs to pay the bills.

So, head on over to Mic Harrison.com, and buy it straight from the dudes, get your record, or they have downloads up on their Mic Harrison bandcamp now as well (but I mean, if you buy the record you have something awesome to hold in your hand, there’s only 300 made and it comes with a sweet insert I made with a few pics from the last 10 years or so)

(Con has a new record out too, give it a listen)


See even my dawg loves this record.  Go order it.




Hey, I made a little ol’ poster for CXCW…ya know that thing I wrote about here

There’s more awesome posters on the download site, check it out.

I made this poster with a photo I took of my sisters couch…in her yard.  I used my super sweet lomo fisheye1 camera (I really, really,  love that camera)


(oh, and by the way, you can download this on the CXCW download page)


classy partyChristmas splitholidaysBIG2HighwaymenCoverChristmasHigh Score dec4th2009holidayshowflyer

Holiday!, a set on Flickr.

So, I was going thru some of my old flyers and such and I realized I had a few Holiday/Christmas themed flyers…and I might as well dust them off and bring them out like the Christmas decorations that they can be (YAY A THEME!)

All but one of these are for Mic Harrison and The High Score .

The one with the snow globes is for a Christmas split they did a couple of years ago and I actually made a super lo-fi video to go along with those songs as well…here ya go.

Side A

Mic Harrison- Christmas Time At The Dixie Lounge

Side B

The High Score- Merry Christmas To You

Then there’s the holiday theme Highwaymen cover, that was for the Mic Harrison and the High Score cover of The Highwayman…and I happen to have a video for that one too.  This video was made from some great hi-8 footage the band shot when they were touring around Texas and I edited it together.

Anyway, Happy Holidays!

Make stuff!



Here’s the thing…I’m bad a keeping up with this. I end up talking thru photos most of the time so here’s some links.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/annierankin/ My Flickr, almost all of my photographs. Split up into sets (like different bands, screenprinting, shot from the car, merch, ect)

http://annietuff.tumblr.com/ My Tumblr, still photos, but only select ones, also links to the FBFY mixtapes and such.

annnnd for silly cellphone pics (like maybe something I saw while driving….a cool building, a cat with a moustache….. Or something like this http://instagr.am/p/ohC4A/) I’m on instagram too, username annietuff

so thats it. let’s waste time together!