An update!



I’ve been working on multicades with my good buddy Robbie.  This is a pic of a modded iCade body (but running Raspberry Pi, new screen, power supply, all internals).  I made the artwork based off the schematics of the pi and several arcade games.  Super fun.  We made another one, built from scratch but a bigger bartop size.  Annnd we’re building a third right now (buy it from me!)



Koozies!  I love screen-printing koozies.  Seriously one of my favorite pieces of merch to print.  These are for my dudes Mic Harrison and The High Score.

Speaking of Mic Harrison and The High Score, they’ve been in the studio recording a new album, and I can’t wait until everyone gets to hear it.  I’ve been lucky enough to get to hang in the studio with my dudes and take some pics along the way.

I have a whole album of pics started on my flickr, I’m going to keep adding to it as I go thru the tons of pics I took over the process.  Or you can just go to the Mic and The High Score facebook page and keep up with the recording process over there

Recording 2016 Mic Harrison and The High Score



Then ya know, there’s the day job.  But that’s a different blog.



Long time, no post


I haven’t really posted anything here in a bit.  But I’m still making, doing, moving and shaking.


I’m running the website for

Mic Harrison and The High Score

Posting pics on my flickr

Getting super stoked to teach at AICL summer camp in a few months 

Ya know, burning the candle at both ends.  It’s how I do.



CXCW2013 Recap (kind of)


So, CXCW2013 has come and gone…the Doritoballs have been eaten…and all of the videos have been watched (maybe).

There were 380(or something) videos!

That’s a TON of videos!  I really love CXCW, really, I do (remember?  I wrote about it back in Jan here).

I found a ton of new bands and I got to see bands I already enjoy .  Win/Win!

Really, CXCW is awesome.  I’m still going back through the posts to try to really absorb the videos and check out songs again.

I recorded a couple of videos for my favorite fellers Mic Harrison and The High Score

First we had this one of the entire band singing “Wiser the Whiskey” from the album “Push me On Home”:

Second is another another video with Robbie Trosper and Chad Pelton singing “Rock and Roll Clothes”

I also filmed Kevin Abernathy’s “Drama House” from his newest album “Some Stories” :

I was going to post some of my favorite videos from other artists that I found from CXCW2013, but there were so many videos I really enjoyed!  And I couldn’t choose without making a HUGE post.  So I made a youtube playlist.  I’m not 100% finished with it yet…and I’ll continue to add to it but check it out so far here: