Free Mic Harrison and The High Score Songs!

So Mic Harrison and The High Score decided to give the people what they want, 2 free downloads of some fun Christmas tunes.

They have a couple of other Christmas tunes on their bandcamp page, check it out for more goodness.
Don’t forget to check out their main website, or facebook if that tickles your fancy.

Actually, I’m gonna go ahead and post the videos to one of those other songs riiiiiiight here:


Mic Harrison and The High Score “Anytime You’re Ready”


I just finished working on an amazing project for my favorite fellers Mic Harrison and The High Score.  They just put out their very first vinyl in celebration of their 10 year anniversary as a band!  10 years!  WHOA!

The record has 2 songs, “Anytime You’re Ready” and “Broken Hearted In A Single Wide” both inspired by the great Con Hunley, who was wonderful enough to sing on the track “Anytime You’re Ready”.

I’m really excited about this project, and how it turned out.  YOU SHOULD BUY THIS.  I mean, pretty please.  These guys are some of the best musicians I know, the nicest guys, and they all work their asses off for their music, while working day jobs to pay the bills.

So, head on over to Mic, and buy it straight from the dudes, get your record, or they have downloads up on their Mic Harrison bandcamp now as well (but I mean, if you buy the record you have something awesome to hold in your hand, there’s only 300 made and it comes with a sweet insert I made with a few pics from the last 10 years or so)

(Con has a new record out too, give it a listen)


See even my dawg loves this record.  Go order it.

Why I love CXCW


If you know me in real life and you play an instrument/sing/are in a band, I’ve probably bugged you about making a Couch by Couchwest (aka CXCW) video.  Why do I think CXCW is so awesome?  Is it my love of music?  My love for music videos, but my even bigger love for the “behind the scenes” music videos?  Maybe because I have a kiddo and going to SXSW isn’t plausible due to funds/babysitting/travel/ect?  Or is it so awesome because I can join in without ever having to leave the comfort of my house?  (dude, I’m wearing pajama pants right now and it’s not even 6pm)


After all, the motto of CXCW is “Where the beer is cheaper and the only hipster is you.”


Joking aside, CXCW is awesome.

Part of the point of CXCW is lo-fi, (although creativity is encouraged and awesome), you don’t even need to be on a couch…just not on a stage.  Video for the pure sake of sharing the essence of the music.  You don’t have to make some slick super pro video that took 3 months to finish.  1 take is all you need.

I filmed Mic Harrison and The High Score’s CXCW video in the dirtiest…nastiest…most disgusting motel room ever last year (really, so dirty that I set my beer can down in between taking a pic and when I went to pick it back up and cockroach was on the can…ugh)

Anyway, here it is.

Here’s another great example by The Famous, because who doesn’t love a Misfits cover???

How about one from Micah Schnabe


I had to include this song from Truersound, because who can forget the “Myrtle Beach Maracasin”?

This doesn’t even come close to a complete list of favorites from CXCW 2012… because there were TONS of amazing videos (hey look, check them out here), but I just wanted to show a little variety of videos, to encourage YOU to make one for CXCW 2013!

So0000…just film something on your ding dang smart phone, upload to youtube…and BOOM,  you’re ready to submit it (more info on how to submit videos here)

Really, do it.

Doooooo it.

(p.s I’ve noticed there’s been a random ad of youtube music videos on the bottom of this post…so if there’s a music video past this text…it’s not one that I’ve chosen.  It’s just wordpress making their $)